Monday, April 16, 2007

10 Qualities of a Good Submisive


1) HONEST - The submissive must always be truthful in his word and actions with his Dominant. He never lies.

2) TRUSTWORTHY - The Dominant must always feel that she can trust and rely on the words and actions of the submissive. His word is his bond.

3) ATTENTIVE - The submissive must focus his thoughts and emotions on the Dominant, and knows that the quality of his submission is determined by the amount of time he holds her in the forefront of his concentration. He pays attention.

4) ACTIVE - The submissive takes an active involvement in his submission, and does not rely on the Dominant for all direction. He takes action.

5) INTELLIGENT - The submissive is intelligent and thoughtful, always trying to bring both high quality analytic and intuitive thinking to the relationship. He is smart.

6) DETAIL-ORIENTED - The submissive sweats the details and ensures that even the little things are addressed. He know that Godddess is in the details.

7) OBEDIANT - The submissive does as he is told without question or hesitation. He obeys.

8) ELEGANT - The submissive seeks to be attractive and graceful in appearance, speech, and movement. He pleases the eye.

9) SELFLESS - The submissive thinks nothing of himself and puts the needs and desires of the Dominant above all. He puts her first, always.

10) ENTERTAINING - The submissive strives to be a rewarding part of the Dominants life, and brings his capacity to go beyond rote obediance to the relationship. He pleases.


Robbyn said...

Very well written & insightful

Claudia said...

I love your blog. I am a Domme in a happy and loving relationship with my sub, and I sent him this link as soon as I read a couple of your posts. Keep up the good work. You write well and also seem a very sincere submissive. Good luck with your Domme.

Lady Elisabeth

Marc said...

Well spoken and an excellent description of this most exquisite relationship. It also applies when the man is the Dom and the woman the submissive...

By the way, my collar is currently empty for the petite lady in Colorado in need of my attentions.